Highly available data processing and leaderboard generation

VCTRY helps brands to incorporate gaming into their marketing and communication strategy. They set up lead generating and user engaging campaigns or strategies that involve or revolve around gaming. They understand like no other that gaming is not a niche.

For a specific project, they wanted to use gamers activity data (GDPR proof) to reward them in a four week contest.


Our part in the project was to build the data layer. It received user handles from the campaign registration flow, verified the privacy settings of the player and enqueued each one into a scheduling system. We continuously gathered all necessary data. That data consisted of the achieved trophies of played games, with details about when the achievement was reached and other meta.

The system queue batched all players into seperate jobs that ran throughout the day. To be able to finish all jobs in a daily window, an automatic supervisor-worker strategy was put in place. Depending on the amount of jobs to run and the availability of third party API’s, new workers were spun up automatically. These workers processed an allocated slot of jobs and when demand dropped again, they shut themselves down.

Besides gathering of data, the system also provided an authenticated API towards the campaign website to provide data for the leaderboards.


The whole setup was proven to be very resilient and the outbound API very fast. All of this on fairly lightweight computing nodes.


Elixir/Phoenix, (Firecracker VM/Docker), MySQL