Smart tender management

TenderWolf helps users to keep track of the Belgian or European tender market. Every day clients receive an update email with the most important information. When something interesting comes up, clients can follow-up tenders with one simple click.

Clients are able to search a complete archive of all tenders, refining their queries with a range of filters, very quickly.


TenderWolf is built as a front-end layer of Laravel/PHP combined with a hybrid React application. All things related to tender selection is handled by an internal Java service. We handle and architect every user-facing aspect of the application; user database, registrations, search engine, … .

Our search functionality, based on Apache Solr, handles several million tenders. Each client is limited to only their selection. Faceting and search queries are built out of this assumption.


TenderWolf is able to convince a growing group of customers with clear value: searching, tagging and following up on tenders in an intuitive interface.

We collaborate very closely with the TenderWolf team, where we monitor and manage critical infrastructure and application code. We have been working with them since 2015 and are still supporting them into 2020.


Laravel/PHP, React/Javascript, Apache Solr, Ansible, Redis, Amazon (EC2, RDS, S3)

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