Mic Mac Minuscule
Second hand birth lists

Mic Mac Minuscule aims to change the creation of baby lists to be more environmentally friendly. They have a community of Mic Mac Madam’s who personally collect pre-loved, up cycled and sustainable items for your baby’s wish list.


Before Mic Mac Menage was developed, they worked exclusively with shared spreadsheets. They had no clear overview of active baby lists, how their Madams were doing in following up, … That made running their business and coaching their people very hard.

A lot of manual labour was involved during intake, follow up and setting up shops.


Mic Mac Minuscule had clear vision of what they wanted to achieve with the management platform: reduce time spent on overhead tasks and.

We set out to build:

  • product database,
  • intake flow,
  • complete flow with automatic e-mails, survey, …
  • media management,
  • shop creation with payments,
  • invoicing (internal and external).


Madam’s can now do what they love the most: looking for unique second hand products that they knew their clients need. This makes the Madam’s happy and their clients.

Mic Mac Minuscule can now follow up each baby list in the system; size of list, state in the flow, communications, invoicing, … This makes coaching their Madam’s much more easy.


Elixir/Phoenix, React/Javascript, Mollie Payments, Docker

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