Multi service

We can help out with a variety of services. Wherever we can, we strive to add value, more so than to write software.

Below you can find a brief overview of the different services we provide, aimed at both startups, scale ups and full grown businesses.

  • API development

    Building new API’s or provide coupling between existing systems.

  • Web development

    Static websites, lightweight CMS-systems, SPA’s and full blown web platforms.

  • Application development

    Automation platforms, internal workflow applications.

  • Team guidance

    Implementing development and deployment strategies, provide and configure tooling, consult on best practices.

  • Setup data pipelines

    Gather, process, transform, output and store data from and to different systems, including Big Query, Tableau, Amazon RDS, …

  • Feasibility assessment

    Scoping of business ideas, locate technical challenges, setting up the right methodologies and rough estimations of costs.

  • MVP development

    Build a minimum value product as swiftly as possible while guarding over scope. Ideal for testing ideas and market fit.

How we work

While offering a wide range of services, some aspects are universal in our approach and the way we work.

  • Partnership

    We like to see projects as partnerships, working together with the client. Not six months of silence before a big project drop, but close communication is key.

  • Agile

    Quick iterations and close contact between stakeholders helps to eliminate rework.

  • Becoming experts

    Your business domain is probably new to us. We love to indulge ourselves in that domain, getting to know each and every aspect of it. A challenging task, but key towards the success of the product or task at hand.

  • Technology stack automation

    Instrument infrastructure, providing reproducible and reliable machines and services.

  • Testing

    A considerable part of our projects consist of building out a test suite. While this requires more work upfront, it is indispensable for reliable and resilient software.

    We combine unit tests, acceptance tests and safeguards in the deployment process to ensure maximum coverage.

  • System monitoring

    Error tracking and system monitoring is installed to allow for maximum introspection in the workings of our system.

  • Elixir/Erlang

    We are fierce advocates for Elixir and Erlang. It allows us to build robust, resilient systems that require less resources than similar technology stacks. We believe it saves our clients money in the long run.

    Don’t just take our word for it.